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ESA OPS COM 2 Update

ESA’s OPSCOM 2 (Phase 2) is wrapping up its validation of DTN capabilities in controlling a ground-based robot from space. This simulates future planned robotic planetary explorations controlled from orbit. This phase emphasized End-to-End (E2E) monitoring and control of the robot’s basic movements.

OPSCOM 3 will perform similar tests using DTN2, a distribution of DTN gateway software developed primarily for terrestrial applications.

OPSCOM is part of the METERON initiative, which stands for ‘Multi-purpose End To End Robotic Operations Network’. Folks at the Space Internetworking Center (SPICE) in Xanthi, Greece, have developed a nice overview of DTN’s role in METERON, including a lot more detail about all of the DTN capabilities being validated. It’s available at:


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