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Academic Connection


  • Introductory information about the InterPlanetary Network (IPN) Academic Connection program, including objectives and opportunities to participate, is shown below. This program is part of the InterPlanetary Network Special Interest Group (IPNSIG), an Internet Society (ISOC) chapter, operated and supported by the San Francisco Bay Internet Society (SFBayISOC).



  1. Establish a collaborative program between the ISOC IPN initiative, and the academic community.
  2. Partner with academia on Integrated IPN Initiative projects specific to their research strengths and interests.
  3. Expand existing projects and/or initiate new projects, in response to IPN activity and funding levels allocated to the IPN University Relations projects.
  4. Chance for participation in the DTN and other competions
  5. Invite global university staff and students to participate on the IPN Initiative projects, specific to their interests.
  6. Partner with Campus Party to develop Integrated IPN Initiative projects specific to each event’s focus.
  7. Showcase Integrated IPN Initiative projects and technologies and share knowledge during academic and Campus Party events.



There are opportunities for academic engagement in the three disciplines listed below, in accordance with short-term and long-term goals and capabilities of the IPN:

  1. IPN Internet Engineering
  2. IPN Astronautical Engineering
  3. IPN Cognitive Sciences

These three disciplines have been selected based on the need for a network of “intelligent” satellites, and other space-faring platforms, and ground stations, equipped with devices running an IPN-compliant Internet protocol, specifically the DTN protocol, and address the communication, storage, and encryption requirements. Additional disciplines may be added to the IPN University Relations program, in response and alignment with IPN’s future goals and capabilities.



  • Projects are selected according to their contribution to the IPN. Reference 1, listed below, provides the list of current IPN projects. Academic research centers, are invited to participate in these projects, according to their expertise, strengths, and interests.



  • The following schools are submitted as proposed academic partner pilot programs.
  • University of California Santa Barbara – Society of Women Engineers
  • University of California Santa Cruz – Society of Women Engineers
  • University of California Davis – Society of Women Engineers
  • University of California Berkeley – Society of Women Engineers
  • San Jose State University – Society of Women Engineers
  • Stanford University – Society of Women Engineers
  • De Anza Community College
  • Foothill Community College
  • Canada Community College



  • For additional information, including how to become a member of the IPNSIG, how to participate on IPNSIG projects, and how to contact us, visit



  1. DTN Research Group website for the latest DTN research


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