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2. Our Mission

The mission of the InterPlanetary Special Interest Group (IPNSIG)is to realize a functional and scalable system of interplanetary data communications before the year 2020.

We will accomplish this objective by engaging the public’s interest in funding and executing the research and technology development necessary to make interplanetary networking a reality. We will educate them about the critical need for a reliable, scalable space data network to enable cost-effective exploration and eventual commercial use of the inner solar system. We will excite them about the potential role these same network systems technologies can play in solving communication problems here on earth.

While igniting public interest, we will engage with those researching and developing the technologies and the standards that are advancing interplanetary exploration by advancing interplanetary networking. We will investigate the expanded usefulness of Delay & Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) protocols. While our focus will remain upon InterPlanetary Networking (IPN), we realize that IPN is a specific instance of DTN. We are therefore very interested in exploring DTN uses for terrestrial purposes.

Our membership is international and interdisciplinary in scope. We are engaged in a number of research, public education and academic outreach initiatives.

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