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 WHO IS MagiQcircle

A non-profit organization focused on offering educational services, in close collaboration with public, private, and social sector partners to provide accessible training, and practical career development opportunities.



Transform lives by bridging the practical skill learning and knowledge gap, through caring, encouragement, and lifelong mentorship practice


Leverage the abundantly available professional knowledge capital and capacity, in a community via an entrepreneurial spirit, technology, and  social network platforms to build a vibrant talent pipeline by offering :

  1. Talent and workforce development services that are designed to lower the barrier to relevant, affordable, useful, updated and practical skills.
  2. Develop portfolio of programs that package career-oriented learning options, pathways, and foundational concepts.
  3. Scalable mentorship, coaching, apprenticeship and internship services



  • 3 months – Business entity in place, launch the service with 2 courses & mentors, pilot the service, publish results
  • 6 months – Work2Future foundation contract in place, endorsements, partners, contracts, more courses and mentors, Community website and social network up and running
  • 12 months – Sponsors, partnerships, sponsorships, e.g. TWB – SF Bay Area Chapter



Participation in the Internet Society IPNSIG 2014/Jan/17 event.



  • Scheduled for Release on 2013/Oct/30
  • The first pilot is only available through the Work2Future Foundation program
  • 2 classes will be available in this first pilot: (1) JavaScript, (2) SalesForce


  • Schedule for Release on 2014/Jan/30
  • The second pilot will expand to include qualified students through the Teachers Without Borders program
  • Classes available will be: (1)

Potential Sponsors

  • Work2Future, TWB, Silicon Valley Allies, (possibly Cisco, Google, Intel, Hewlett Foundation, and IAVA)

Course & Mentoring Topics :

  • SalesForce, JavaScript

• Catalogue:

  • Provide vetted learning options – open source or licensed

• Platform:

  • Support the workflow and operation

• Reference URLs:



  • If you are a local government, foundation, or industry, we welcome your application for sponsorship
  • The following is a list of current sponsors”
  • Foundation
  • Other foundations
  • Local Governments
  • Industry
  • If you are associated with an academic institution, either a teacher or student or researcher, then you are welcomed to apply for participation as a mentor.



  • Mentors can choose to provide services for free or for a cost.






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